Common Questions

How do you use green cleaning techniques in your commercial cleaning projects?

Our employees are trained in trusted eco-friendly cleaning techniques. In addition to being Green Clean Institute Certified, we also provide ongoing training to keep up with new technology and techniques so we can stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the green-cleaning industry.

We can also offer you eco-friendly cleaning products to keep on hand so that you can sustain a clean and healthy environment in between our deep cleaning sessions.

Are your building maintenance services affordable?

Yes. We are proud to offer an exceptional value to our clients so that they can accomplish their building maintenance and cleaning goals while getting “more bang for their buck.” Not only are our services affordable, they are high quality.

What sets your cleaning services apart from other commercial cleaning companies?

We are in this business because we want to make a difference in our communities and in our world. We invest in the communities we serve by creating quality jobs, improving the environment and air quality, and partnering with other local businesses.