University and Commercial Cleaning Services with an unrelenting passion for quality, consitency and reliability.




Protect your customers and staff with professional cleaning and disinfection that is proven to kill the COVID-19 virus on surfaces.

Our CORE VALUES drive the direction of the company.

  • We lead by FAITH.
    A divine purpose guides our footsteps.
  • We move with INTEGRITY.
    When things go left, we stay positive.
  • We make an IMPACT.
    We don't just clean. We make a difference.
  • We attract ABUNDANCE.
    The more we help others, the more financial fluid we become.

Consistent Full-Service Commercial Cleaning

Whether you are the facility manager of a dormitory at a university, a government agency, or an office complex, we believe that a building maintenance company should do more than just clean and sanitize your building. That’s why we go the extra mile to offer supplemental services like unit inspections and move-in services to simplify your projects.

Janitorial and Day Porter Services

Protect customer and employee health with facility cleaning during and after work hours. We go the extra mile to reduce staff payroll with comprehensive facility management.

Student Housing Deep Cleaning Services

We partner with undergraduates for top-to-bottom disinfecting across all living quarters. Have confidence in healthy student housing every semester with a reliable cleaning team.

University and Higher Education Cleaning

Our specialized cleaning staff maintains and protects educational facilities with the highest quality products. It’s our passion to help students and teachers pursue higher education in a clean environment.

Window and Blind Cleaning

Sustain streakless glass and dust hard-to-reach blinds with a consistent cleaning schedule. We make a difference in offices and buildings, ensuring you a professional space.

Carpet Cleaning and Floor Polishing

Full-service cleaning professionals erase multi-tenant residential and corporate foot traffic. Rely on dirt-free carpets and buffered floors 365 days/year.

Bio-Clean Disinfecting Services

We fight COVID-19 with FDA-approved products that keep your businesses and schools running. Our team masks up and disinfects bacteria and viruses, so you don’t have to.

Industries We Serve


Since the early 2000’s, we have supported the collegiate community with our brand of deep cleaning services that have impressed many colleges and universities for years


If your company occupies an entire office building, a professional cleaning company will save you more than just employee costs. Reducing the spread of germs within your offices ensures your employees will need fewer sick days. 


Whether your tenants reside in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California, you need a reliable high-quality building maintenance and cleaning service company.

The only place where you’ll get the custom cleaning solutions for your specific needs.

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